Preventive Conservation in Museums - The Care of Metal Objects (16/19)

18 Juin 2020
Durée :

Preventive conservation in museums is the set of measures taken to prolong the life of cultural objects and works of art by preventing, to the extent possible, their natural or accidental deterioration. It seeks to preserve artifacts through basic conservation measures.

The 19 videos present concise, clear and practical techniques and advice on preventive conservation for everyone who works with collections (curators, architects, designers, technicians, archivists, volunteers, etc.). The information and numerous demonstrations help to illustrate the practice of preventive conservation. A manual with a bibliography accompanies the videos.

As their titles show, the first twelve videos (1 to 12) present in a general way the different factors causing the deterioration of collection objects as well as the measures to be taken to protect them efficiently. The following seven videos (13 to 19) deal more specifically with the conservation methods pertaining to different works of art and the materials that make up museum collections.

An excellent initiation tool, this audiovisual material suits individual or group training of personnel of the concerned institutions. It can also be a guide for anyone wishing to finetune their training.

Directors: JacquesArchambault and Lucie Blanchet
Executive producer: Laurier Lacroix
Producers: Audiovisuel UQAM, ICC and CCQ

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